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I was born in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany.

My Mom had a driving school and she thought me to drive when I was 10, which now I consider a major advantage for the traffic challenges in San Jose, Costa Rica where I have lived for the last 20 years. And she was the one that put a camera in my hands when I was 12, since then I am hooked at photography.

I started working with an advertising and fashion photographer at the age of 16. After a few years of working with different photographers, I decided to get my masters degree. So I took off to the Heinz Bindseil School for Photography in Hamburg and opened my own studio when I came back. Since I always liked some kind of adventure, I sold the studio a few years later to a fellow photographer and swapped Germany's cold weather for Costa Rica's tropical humidity.

Finally, I could now get rid of my socks, which I hated my entire life.

I have worked for all major advertising agencies in Central America and photographed campaigns and calendars and products for clients like Cerveceria Costa Rica, Coca-Cola, Dos Pinos, Cerveceria Hondurena and many more. I photographed and published a cookbook with typical Costarican recepies and I am in the process of doing some more food books in the near future. That's because I like good food and really like shooting it! Actually, I like all sorts of still life and product shots.